Over the past two months The Tech Equestrian has interviewed some of the most innovative equine technology software, apps and products that are on the market or are in pre-launch and discovered a collective voice that is saying: ‘Equine tech is here to stay!’

I asked each technology provider, “Where do you think we will be in the next 5 years as it relates to adoption of technology in the equestrian world?”

“While people have been slow to adopt some technologies that are designed to make their equestrian lives easier, they have started to embrace equine focused technology more willingly since they have grown accustomed to technology in other aspects of their lives.”
Nicole Lakin, Owner & President

“We must take advantage of everything that technology offers us to improve the quality of life of our horse and improve its performance.”
Nick Rolle, Business Partner

“Technology is making things easier and more convenient for horse owners and we are seeing that on so many levels.”
Chris Woodside, Co-Founder

“The adoption of technology for the horse world will slowly improve and two key ingredients that will accelerate growth is to develop apps that are easy to use and compatible with other existing products.”
Guy Barry, Sales Manager
Horseco”I think the equestrian world is just starting to see the benefits of technology as an enabler; the opportunity is now to create something new and fresh to bring to this world.”
Charlie Trietline, CEO

“This is an exciting time for technology in the world of equestrian sports. Trends around wearables and data collection in human athletics are making their way into the equestrian space and as riders become more comfortable with the new technologies, the use of data to improve performance and prevent injury will become more mainstream. Over the next five years we will see the technologies that have transformed other sports have a similar impact among equestrians, as riders adopt new tools to improve the fitness of their horses and look for an edge in competition.”
Kate Motley, Co-Founder

“I think that the technology and data level is lower in horse sports than say tennis or soccer however, as part of the JUMPFAX mission our goal is to upgrade the experience by leveraging the analytics of the data.”
Cléo Levy, Project Manager

“Given the rapid adoption of technology in everyday life, I feel that the equestrian community will steadily increase adoption of tech tools to help manage their barns and so much more.”
Kate Rice Nilan, Founder
Stable Secretary

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