Ekinox One Premium adds to the Pro version the program Free Muscle for expert users.

The Free Muscle program encompasses all the Pro and Rehab programs with the ability to allow the professional expert to choose 5 muscular groups according to the needs. Free Muscle program consents to develop a global work.

This program can only be obtained after a through training session by Ekinox Tech team. During the training session, Ekinox Tech team of EMS experts will share the necessary knowledge to take to a higher level the benefits and advantages offered by the rehabilitation and sport methodology.

  • EkiSuit (Horse Body Suit) 4
  • 2 Units Extra Electrodes 4
  • Units Extra Cables 2
  • EkiNeck (Neck Hood) 2
  • EkiBrain (Remote Control Display) 2
  • EkiBox (Terminal for EMS) 2
  • EkiBox Case 2
  • Water bottle sprayer 2
  • EkiSuit Case 2
  • Polar Heart Rate Device 2
  • Carry on luggage 2
  • Training 1
  • Program Rehab 1
  • Program Performance 1
  • Program Free Muscle 1

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