Ekinox One Pro adds to the part of rehab and recovery specific programs for high performance training.

  • ENDURANCE: It increases cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory endurance and it optimizes muscle capillarization due to fiber recruitment and continuous muscle contraction throughout the workout session.
  • STRENGTH ENDURANCE: It prolongs muscle and cardiovascular endurance time. It increases anaerobic endurance which boosts recovery between exercises.
  • MAXIMAL STRENGTH: It increases the recruitment of muscle fibers by augmenting the speed of contraction, improving the maximal strength in high intensity workout sessions.
  • EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH: It increases the power in the initial acceleration and it stimulates the activation of fast twitch muscle fibers improving the speed of muscle contraction.
  • EkiSuit (Horse Body Suit) 2
  • 2 Units Extra Electrodes 2
  • Units Extra Cables 2
  • EkiNeck (Neck Hood) 1
  • EkiBrain (Remote Control Display) 1
  • EkiBox (Terminal for EMS) 1
  • EkiBox Case 1
  • Water bottle sprayer 1
  • EkiSuit Case 1
  • Polar Heart Rate Device 1
  • Carry on luggage 1
  • Program Rehab 1
  • Program Performance 1

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