Ekinox One Rehab focuses more on the horse rehab and recovery areas by offering the following pre-set programs:

  • ATROPHY: it avoids weakness and decrease in muscle mass by keeping muscle fibers active in periods of inactivity due to injury.
  • MASSAGE: It segregates endorphins and stimulates the circulatory system through muscular activation. It allows to decrease muscular overloads and relax the muscles.
  • RECOVERY: It helps muscle activation before competition or training session. It increases body temperature and improves muscle activation which will ultimately reduce the possibility of injury due to lack of warm-up.
  • CORE: It improves the work of the core by focusing on the relevant muscles in the collection work, decreasing the likelihood of back pain due to muscle weakness.
  • BACK PAIN: Specific work in non-acute injuries or muscular overloads in the back pain. It decreases the muscular tension of the affected area and increases the segregation of endorphins.
  • CAPILLARIZATION: It helps the segregation of endorphins and improves muscle activation in muscle overloads and trigger points by increasing oxygenation. This program can be applied before a session of stretching by helping to increase the temperature and elasticity of muscle tissue.
  • EkiSuit (Horse Body Suit) 1
  • EkiBrain (Remote Control Display) 1
  • EkiBox (Terminal for EMS) 1
  • EkiBox Case 1
  • Water bottle sprayer 1
  • Carry on luggage 1
  • Program Rehab 1

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